Dear Beard

by Dear Beard

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released 25 April 2014



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Track Name: Wooly Willy
Wooly Willy catch a clam or two for me
I've been a-driftin and a-dallying on the sea
Call me a shipwrecked failure
that can't afford but one luxury..

Trim the sails and play a paddled pitch melody
Cuttle with cuttlefish, muddle with muddy fish, soft and sweet
Oh god, my head it is a wailing
from the days that I've been sailing

Wooly Willy, travel so gallantly
Track Name: Winter Wear
Don’t leave your home
without your feathers
For would-be winter weathers
Canary, your cage
It doesn’t warrant such rage
or mischief
you’ll lose your nose
you’ll lose your toes
you’ll lose your..
Track Name: Chinstrap Brady
I left my home
To find a townie bar
Chin strap, Brady
You’re sure to meet a lady
With a decent car
Track Name: Sweet Sally
Sweet Sally
Sweet Sally
I dream of your tongue and the stories it’s brung, oh you
Sweet Sally
Sweet Sally
Track Name: Ink
A curiosity, a question
If a squid had both influence and fame
If ink was only used with their discretion
Politics, climate change
An oil spill, a stock exchange
Count your toes
Pay what’s owed
Squid pro quo
Track Name: Rat Tat Tat
Park your car
at your favorite bar
do some drinking
put off the thinking

You earned the chance
to fake a dance
You swallowed a hat
With a rat - tat - tat

A brass charade
at a drunk parade
Cats in the alley
your fortune is made
Track Name: Walter Ego
Told myself to dress up fancy
Hem the heart and stitch with care
Don’t be singing like some Nancy
Pure bravado, singular

So when you call on me
And when I see things through
The stars will shine ever brighter
and linger much longer on the horizon
My darling Sue
And that’s something new

So, toast your alter eggo waffles
A maple syrup kinda dare..